6 Reasons Why You Should Update Your Website Design

In this day and age, it is essential for companies to have beautiful, professional websites. A great deal of people look into your brand online and set you against competitors before taking the step to purchase your goods and services.

A website is often what forms your potential customers’ first impression of you. If you take the time to make sure it is effective, it will sell for you around the clock.

Most businesses recognize how critical it is to have a professional site, but may not know how to start developing or revamping their site.

Revamping your website takes time and hard work, whether you choose to DIY or contract a professional. It also requires some money. However, at the end of the ordeal, you will have a new and improved online brand image that people will be excited about.

Is it time for you to revamp your site? Continue reading this article to see if any of the points apply to you.


1 – It looks out-of-date

The principal reason why businesses choose to redesign their websites is that their sites have gone obsolete. A great deal of company websites look like they were built years and years ago. Even normal people are able to tell that it isn’t an up-to-date site. If potential customers are comparing you with your competitors, you will probably be the underdog. People perceive businesses with great websites as more professional, and seemingly updated with technology and style.


2 – It isn’t responsive

Before M-commerce blew up, it wasn’t too big of a deal if you did not have a mobile compatible site. Today, however, customers may be browsing with laptops, tablets, or mobile devices. To appeal to that entire side of the market, it is important to involve responsive design in the development of your website. People want a smooth experience, no matter what device they are using. If they switch from laptop to phone, their chosen items should still be in their cart, waiting for purchase. Making it difficult for them to move across devices may result in you losing a customer.


3 – It has a poor user experience

Technology is constantly changing. Someone who is able to keep up with its fast pace will certainly have an advantage. Remember to keep checking in on your competitors, identifying any new features they have added. You need to stay competent to be considered viable to potential customers, so you need to have a site that is at least on par with theirs. Ultimately, you should aim to offer an outstanding user experience to any visitors, increasing your chances of conversion. Make sure your site is developed in a way that it can be updated constantly without having to be completely revamped.

4 – It no longer represents your brand

It is not unheard of for companies to launch new products and campaigns, but neglect to keep their websites up-to-date. Your strategy may change, or you may be trying to target a new segment of the market, but if your site does not reflect those changes, you may be missing out on a great deal of business. Your website needs to portray the current state of your brand and what you are offering, especially if customers tend to visit your site before placing an order.


5 – It is unable to update content

Content is one of the most important things about a website. Be it a photo, video, or article, content sends a message to your users, even giving you an edge over competitors. If your site is unable to update or publish content, it’s time for a revamp. Additionally, you will be able to take advantage of SEO.


6 – It is malfunctioning

Besides a clean look, websites also need functionality to be considered professional. A site that looks amazing but doesn’t work well is still going to give your potential customers a reason to look elsewhere. If the payment process is not smooth, or a button is malfunctioning, it is most definitely time for a website upgrade. If you put it off, you may losing more revenue than the cost of a revamp.

If you are convinced that it is time to revamp your website, do your research and make sure to set aside a budget. After your new, beautiful site is launched, you will enjoy showing it off and watching your brand grow.

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