The Role Of Having a Creative Mindset in the Future of Marketing

A marketer’s main task is to find ways to generate awareness and demand for the client’s products. To achieve this end, creativity has always been the key that has led to many success stories throughout the years.

This is especially true in the digital age. With the rapid growth of online-targeting, consumers are demanding businesses to compete ever more viciously to gain their loyalty and trust. The market trend shifts quickly and drastically, and this is why companies that fail to adapt are failing. This is why a fixed marketing formula is risky, as marketers need to be smarter, more adaptive and more creative than ever to thrive in this shifty market. With the right timing and execution of a well-thought-out digital marketing strategy, your business, too, can shoot yourself to the top. Here’s how we suggest why you should invest more in boosting your marketers’ creativity.


Why Creative Is So Important

Today’s users move fluidly between devices and channels and expect a seamless, engaging and fun experience. At any given moment, every user is rapidly taking in several pieces of information that they have to assess when deciding whether or not to award their attention to anything. Creativity already plays a vital role in breaking through, making an impact, resonating and inspiring the customer to give you their attention. However, it will play an even bigger role in the future when it comes to generating real engagement that leads to conversion.

The current state of the internet allows for fluid traffic from one site to the other. This allows for faster travel within the web, which is a good thing for everyone. However, you need to keep in mind that your customers are bombarded with endless information and options that they can switch to at any second. This is why it’s important that your business has a compelling case for them to consume your content. You must make sure that your site provides something that captures the attention of your target audience.

As marketers and businessmen, we are inevitably drawn toward results. But in this day and age, it’s become more important than ever to remind yourself that you have actual people that are connecting to your business through the screen. This is because you want to be a part of their lives, not just a product or a business. Microsoft invested in a study about the “dwell” recently. The term refers to the amount of time people spend on a piece of content or product online. The more dwell rate, the higher the engagement and the likelihood of purchase. Thus, content that is engaging for your audience to interact with is more likely to generate more dwell. This is why by adding a touch of creativity to your branding and online expression, you will greatly enhance the perception of your brand, making people want to purchase your products or service.



Targeting Consumers Creatively

Many businesses are focusing on targeted messaging at higher volumes. You will need to look for strategies that incorporate both technology-driven marketing techniques with a sense of human touch to avoid looking like a sales robot. This is where creativity comes in.

By having a creative team helping to design your content and audience targeting, you will be able to attract more targeted audience and engagement. ComScore’s study showed that creativity is one of the major factors of sales driving. By doing a deep dive into the customers’ psycho and demographics, you can use these numbers to understand who is really looking at your current content. From this information, you can make a creative adjustment that will make your content seem more personalized towards your target audience.


Creating a More Compelling User Experience

As mentioned, not only that you need to understand your audience’s demographics, but also their mindset and how they approach your business. We have touched on personalizing content on the last section, and we will go into details here.

Understanding your audience’s demands is the key to how you can create an enjoyable experience for them when they go through your online platforms. By pinpointing exactly what your target audience is looking for, and present it to them in a compelling way, it creates a more personal connection. This connection is what will increase the customers’ brand loyalty. By providing relevant and entertaining information that is unique to your brand for free, you will build a community that will drive discussions and actions among users. Having an active community is not only good for your purchase rates but good for your SEO rankings and brand awareness as well.


Inform Your Marketing Strategy with Data-Driven Creative

It’s important that your creative team knows what they are working towards. Data analysis might not be the strong suit of most creative teams, but you can make sure that your marketing and creative teams are communicating to make the best possible content.

Explain to the creative team what the data suggests and the directions the audience are headed. This will help them create contents that are more personalized and effective at achieving the aforementioned goals

Here are some data you can use to help your creative team design their content.


  • Behavioral Data: Targeting based on a user’s previous web browsing behavior across the web. Placing a cookie on a user’s web browser allows you to collect various behaviors such as websites visited, pages viewed, clicks, downloads, and videos watched. Use this information to segment your audience and send them personalized messages.
  • Contextual Data: This related to the content viewed by the user. On-page content and keywords displayed are some examples of this. You can this data to target a consumer’s web behavior and send them relevant messages according to their preferred types of content.
  • Psychographic Data: Simply put, this means the data on the mindset of your audience. This includes personalities, beliefs, values, interests, and lifestyles. Psychographics will help you focus on their thought process and how it affects their buying behavior. By having a detailed psychographic data, you can learn what’s motivating your consumers to purchase.
  • Geographic Data: People from different areas have different mindsets and consumer behaviors. Each region needs a customized targeting to fit the local market. Geographic data will help you achieve a more effective marketing strategy.


These are some of the data that you can use to build a unique user experience and audience segmentation. Combine this with a creative team who designs personalized messages and contents to appeal to these groups of audience specifically, you are sure to drive up your KPIs. This will lead to the maximization of your ROI.

Now that you are clued into what your competitors might be doing, it’s time to invest in your own creative team. Digital marketing teams need creative staffs to help create these unique brand experience. So build your team today to promote long-term brand loyalty and support.



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