How a Marketing Agency can Save You Time & Money

The process of finding the right marketing agency to take care of your needs can be tough. Every business owner knows that it’s important that they invest in marketing, but the contracts and fees involved in hiring an agency often make them balk. Agency fees can get pretty high. Wouldn’t be better to hire a fresh graduate in-house? That way, you could have access to them all the time and you wouldn’t have to be paying lofty agency fees.

Well, no. A marketing agency has the expertise and resources that you don’t. They also don’t cost as much as you’d think, and the results they deliver are very well worth the amount you do have to pay. Not convinced yet? Let’s take a closer look at how a marketing agency saves you both time and energy.


1 – You get access to professionals with a variety of specializations

When you hire an agency, you’re getting a lot more than one marketer. You’re getting the skills of experienced marketers who specialize in different fields. Marketing agencies have graphics designers, copywriters, social media marketers, and campaign managers that are more than able to take care of your marketing needs.

If you were to put together such a team in-house, you’d be spending hundreds of thousands of dollars more than you would with an agency each year. Freelancers would also require a lot of management on your part. The best deal here is the agency.


2 – It costs less than you think

You have to pay full-time in-house employees a lot more than a basic salary. You’ve also got to cover their health and medical benefits, paid time off, payroll taxes, and other fringe benefits. Not to mention the amount of money you have to pay for recruiting, hiring, and training. Then you’ve still got to purchase equipment and software! With an agency, all you pay is the fee. They’ll take care of all the rest.


3 – The work will consistently get done

Even if an in-house team financially made sense, does it make sense in terms of continuity? You may have great marketing employees, but they’ll still take sick days and paid leave. There may be tasks that are beyond their abilities, and you have to be willing to hire more employees as your business grows. You also have to figure out how to retain talent and make sure they are delivering what they should be.

An agency, on the other hand, ensures that you don’t have to worry about any of these things. Agencies don’t take vacations – if someone takes a day off, someone else will ensure that your needs are still being met. The same is true for expertise. An agency is a lot more scalable, and you will never have to worry about talent leaving because they will always have qualified professionals working for them. You don’t even have to worry about workplace drama!


4 – They support your team, not replace them

You can benefit from a marketing agency even if you’ve already got a full in-house team. The money that you spend on an agency can help your team do their work more effectively. You’ll get access to skills and resources that you wouldn’t be able to otherwise for a cost that is unmatched. You could even have certain tasks delegated to your agency while having the other ones completed by your in-house team. The division of responsibilities will help both sides work more effectively.


5 – You get insight from a different perspective

Small business owners and corporate C-suites alike can benefit from the insight offered by professional marketing agencies. They bring a different perspective and can help you strategize and position yourself to meet your goals. This will drive the business forward.


How do I choose a marketing agency?

The marketing agency that you choose should be the one that is capable and motivated to help you reach your business goals. They should be willing to offer you honest feedback and measurable results. There are so many marketing agencies out there and they all promise you success. However, with some good preparation and lots of research, you’ll find one that will serve you well for years to come.


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