3 Reasons to Hire a Digital Marketing Agency for Ad Management

So you want to grow your company, but your team’s resources are spent. They no longer have the skill or time to manage the digital marketing campaigns that you need. Why not hire a digital marketing agency to manage them for you? There are quite a few advantages you could be taking advantage of, including conserving your team’s time resources, getting professional results, and being able to track your performance.

As the business world hurtles forward, you must be keeping up. Digital advertising is one thing that many business owners think that they can handle themselves, only to realize a few months later that they’re now behind everyone else. With the help of a professional digital marketing agency, however, your team can focus on what they do best while your company still gets the benefit of great digital marketing.


Why should I hire a digital marketing agency?


1 – Digital marketers can save you a lot of time

Not every type of digital marketing is alike. Every single platform has its own needs, and you have to modify your campaigns to fit each different platform. A digital marketing agency has the expertise to create ads that are precisely catered to your online identity. That way, your team can prioritize moving the brand forward with their job duties while not having to stress over digital ad tasks that they were not trained to do.

Let’s take, for instance, ads. Digital marketers know that 8 out of 10 people using Facebook watch video ads without sound, while 9 out of 10 people using YouTube do. An ad on Google Adwords needs precise keywords, but the same copy-writing on an Instagram ad wouldn’t be noticed. As you can see, the way people use certain platforms can make a major change on the results that a single ad may bring. Professional digital marketers don’t need to use trial-and-error to figure this out – these are things they already know. Your team, on the other hand, may make a lot of mistakes before finally figuring out what works and what doesn’t.

Content type, time that people spend on the platform, user demographics, device used, file type, keywords, content relevancy, and peak hours are all things that may affect the results of your online adverts.


2 – Digital marketers can create effective ads

Amateurs will take hours to create a single ad for a single platform. That’s not even taking into consideration the testing that needs to be done to find out what works best for your site. Without proper testing, your ads may very well go unnoticed.

Digital marketing agencies have the resources and skill to do testing so that they can figure out how to create the most effective ads for your company. Testing techniques such as A/B testing and split-testing are two especially common ways to test which of your ads are performing very well. It also helps to distinguish what makes them perform well, so that knowledge can be used in future ads.

Just about every part of an ad can be tested. Keywords, PPC ad copy, colors, font families, font sizes, landing pages, and form fields are just some of the small things that actually make a huge difference when it comes to how an ad is performing.

Most amateurs do not realize how important testing is – not only before and after an ad campaign, but throughout the whole process. Digital marketing agencies know how and when to test, and they will make your ads more effective than ever. Why waste money on ineffective ads? With the proper tests, you’ll maximize lead conversion.


3 – Digital marketers can track your results

If you don’t know how you’re performing, you won’t know how to improve. A digital marketing agency tracks your ad performance continually, collecting information on impressions, clicks, conversions, ad spendings, and a whole host of other things.

Through this information, they will be able to see what works best or what isn’t working. Many amateurs try to track, but end up tracking something that doesn’t directly affect their chosen KPI. In that case, your data isn’t accurate and you won’t know how to optimize your ad.

Things you don’t know about an ad may very well mean things are slipping through the cracks, and it can play a big role in your overall ad performance. If you know how everything is performing and what is affecting what, you’ll be able to modify your strategy accordingly. Digital marketing agencies are experienced and able to continually improve your ads so that you can get the results that you need.


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